In my quest to reduce exposure to BPA derivatives, I found the Admira Fusion brand of tooth colored restorations. Admira Fusion is an organically modified ceramic, and contains no classic monomers (such as bisGMA, bisDMA, TEGDMA, etc), so it does not release BPA as a byproduct of degradation

BPA has been linked to changes in the nervous systems of infants, and changes in behaviors of children, such as hyperactivity. BPA is also a hormone disruptor, as it mimics estrogen. The real problem isn’t actually BPA, because BPA only weakly bonds to estrogen receptors; the real problem is that when BPA is metabolized, it breaks down into MBP, which then binds to the estrogen receptor with a hold that is 100-fold to 1,000-fold stronger than BPA. This causes problems with estrogen signaling. Studies have found that BPA exerts effects on both the female and the male reproductive system.


This utilizes dental ceramic or dental porcelain on crowns that aids in restoring damaged and decayed teeth.
Ceramic restoration offers a natural method of restoring your damaged teeth. Your crown will be made of ceramic, giving it an au naturel look and feel.
Ceramic restoration has shown superior results where it has helped improve the smile and overall dental health of patients.
On average, it can take a few hours.
On average, if it gets the proper care, it can last for as long as 15 years.

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