A crown can become loose for a number of reasons. Sometimes the cement loosened, while at other times there can be a cavity that has developed under the crown. If the cement loosened, then it is possible to clean out the old cement from inside the crown and from the tooth, and to add new cement into the crown and allow it to set on the tooth. At other times, if a cavity has developed under the crown, then the crown will no longer be a good fit for the tooth.
crown re mentation

It is important to clean out the cavity so that it does not continue progressing towards the nerve. Sometimes the old crown can be used as a temporary, while at other times, especially if a new buildup is placed, a new crown will need to be made to fit the new shape of the tooth. It is important to have well-fitting margins for a crown, so that there’s not a highway for bacteria and acids to travel under the crown and cause decay.


It’s important to determine why did the crown fall off in the first place, then we decide what we’re doing further with it. A crown cannot be recemented for many reasons, if there is caries under the crown, and we need to prepare the tooth some more / add filling material, the old crown simply won’t fit anymore. Another case is if the tooth is non-restorable and the crown won’t stay in place. Situations vary from person to person, but we always keep in mind the best interest for the patient.

A crown can only cover one damaged tooth at a time, where as bridges can act as a replacement of one or more missing teeth. 
A patient who has a broken or chipped tooth or a case of tooth decay makes a good candidate for dental crowns. 
Dental bridges are for those who have one or more missing teeth.
On average, it can last for as long as 10 years.
Crown recementation is basically cementing back the dental crown that may have fallen off. Your dentist will only need to clean out the bacteria surrounding your tooth. A new adhesive bond will be applied and put your crown back in its place, looking as good as new!

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