oral screening
In our office, every patient is screened for oral cancer when they come in for an exam. We look for any tissue changes in the mouth. We check for any ulcers, as well as any raised bumps, and any patches with a different texture or color. If you notice anything in your mouth that you have a question about, or that you think may be suspicious, please bring it up to your dentist.


Early detection of oral cancer is important to prevent it from worsening and to treat it at the soonest time possible.
You can undergo a physical examination, oral brush biopsy, endoscopy, and an x-ray.
Your dentist will be hands-on in looking over the inside of your mouth to check for red and white patches (mouth sores). Your throat and neck will also be examined for any potential abnormalities such as lumps.
This would depend on your dentist’s findings. Should there be an unusual lump, additional tests may need to be administered.
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