Adolescent Dentistry
For our adolescent population, we focus on instilling good oral hygiene practices, so that their brand new teeth remain healthy throughout their lives. We offer mild orthodontic treatments through the use of Hawley retainers or Clear Aligners, depending on the treatment goals.


We use digital x-rays, which require about 10% of the radiation of the old film x-rays, so your dose is reduced by 90%. In addition, we use a 0.5mm lead vest instead of the typical 0.3mm lead vest just for extra protection. We don’t think x-rays go through the 0.3mm lead vest, but we go overboard on the protection anyways. The extra protection can’t hurt. We use a thyroid collar to ensure that the thyroid is protected for all bitewing and periapical x-rays. Although we have a panoramic and CBCT machine, we do not often take panoramic x-rays because it is not possible to wear a thyroid collar while taking a panoramic (as the thyroid collar will interfere with the image), so we take it only when we truly need a panoramic view. We use the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) in order to reduce radiation as much as we possibly can. 

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