Clear Aligners are a great way to straighten teeth that can be straightened with relatively mild, limited movements. For patients who have more extensive orthodontic needs, a better result can often be achieved using conventional braces, but for those who need mild movements, clear aligners could be a great option.
clear aligners

The advantage of clear aligners over conventional braces is that teeth are easily cleansible – they can be brushed and flossed as always, while brushing and flossing with conventional braces is more challenging. With conventional braces, inadequate oral hygiene and/or a diet that contains soda, juices, sticky processed foods, and carbohydrate snacks can result in white spot lesions, which are white squares that appear on teeth where the teeth lost minerals (due to the start of cavities). Clear aligners makes brushing and flossing easy, because they are removed in the morning and at night, as well as while eating.


They are clear and thin, so they are barely unnoticeable when worn.
Usually not, but they could very slightly for a few days or so. 
This will depend on your overall dental condition and how much movement it will need, but on average, it may take between 6 and 24 months.
It is best to remove your aligners while eating or drinking. One great advantage is that it’s easy and convenient to remove them wherever you may be!
To maximize your aligners’ best results, it’s best to wear them for 22 hours per day. 

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