Night Guards
Night Guards are fabricated for those patients who grind their teeth. They are used to prevent enamel wear and damage that results when patients grind their teeth at night.


Generally patients will  need a night guard for years and years to come. And the reason is that night guards don’t solve the issue, but help prevent complications of bruxism and excessive wear of tooth structure. Also, since this is a long term treatment, multiple guards along the way might be needed.

Night guards serve as protection in order to prevent enamel damage caused by patients who are grinding their teeth at night, or also known as bruxism. It also helps alleviate muscle and TMJ pain, often associated with bruxism. 
Various types of night guards are available such as stock mouth guards, custom-made night guards, and boil-and-bite night guards.
Most night guards are fitted for the upper jaw. But in any event that the lower jaw needs a night guard, it can be specially made.
Night guards will entail fitting and molding your teeth to ensure comfortability for your teeth. It often includes 2 visits, during the first visit we take an impression / make measurements of your teeth. And second visit – delivery of the guard. 
The guards won’t permanently cure bruxism but it can effectively help to manage the condition.

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