Dr. Pekarski became interested in holistic dentistry, also known as biological dentistry and functional dentistry, when she found out that composite filling materials contain methacrylate monomers which are BPA derivatives.

Although the FDA generally considers BPA derivatives (such as bis-GMA, TEGDMA, GLYDMA, and HEMA) as safe in low doses, Dr. Pekarski chooses to utilize alternative restorative materials, such as Admira Fusion, which is a ceramic based, tooth-colored restorative material.

Amalgam restorations, which are also generally considered as safe by the FDA, are avoided in Dr. Pekarski’s office, as she believes that there may be a big difference between being considered safe and actually being biocompatible. The FDA acknowledges that “Removing intact amalgam fillings … exposes you to a temporary increase in mercury vapor released during the removal process.” It is necessary to use certain precautions during the removal of amalgam restorations in order to reduce exposure to mercury vapor that is released in the aerosol. We have implemented a specific protocol for amalgam removal in our office, which allows us to do it in safe conditions for the patient and for the staff.
Dr. Pekarski understands the mouth to be an extension of the body, and that biocompatible dentistry goes hand in hand with clean eating, avoiding toxins, and having healthy habits.


We charge for amalgam removal $150, due to the additional time, equipment necessary and the hazardous nature of the procedure. The price of the amalgam removal is a surcharge to the price of the filling itself.

Our fillings start at $250 for 1-surface restorations, and go up to $400 for 4-surface restorations. This includes a liner if necessary, and ozone water rinsing to clean the tooth of bacteria before placing the filling.
No, it is not worth to risk tooth sensitivity to remove a filling that may have a small amount of a BPA derivative, because most of it has already leached out.
You can swish for equal portions of hydrogen peroxide and water for 30 seconds to a minute per day until you reach the desired effect. Spit out earlier if it feels too strong, and don’t overdo it, because bleaching can cause tooth sensitivity. Also, some people report whiter teeth after daily swishing with coconut oil (also known as oil pulling). We also offer in office whitening treatments, as well as cleanings with an air-abrasive powder, which leads to removal of all stains from the teeth, and therefore – whiter teeth.

Please keep in mind that it’s recommended to see a dentist before doing any kind of  teeth whitening procedures, since it can lead to non-desirable side effects and complications.

We are constantly doing research about dental materials and what are the best options out there. And by best we mean, less toxic and more biocompatible. Currently, we use Admira fussion in our practice, since it’s the only filling material that doesn’t have any BPA derivates in it. Instead it has porcelain particles as the main filler, and porcelain as we know is one of the most biocompatible materials. We’re keeping our eyes on the dental market and on scientific papers, to make sure we bring the best practices into our office.

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