Services and Pricing

We are transparent with our pricing because we believe that patients should not be surprised about what to expect from their dental appointment. Some states require the posting of the prices for the top 10 procedures whether online or on a printout in their office, and although California does not require such transparency, we think that patients can benefit from such information.

Our new patient appointment always starts out with an exam in order to correctly treatment plan. Usually the most cost-effective way to start is with a complete exam, so that the entire mouth is evaluated. Alternatively, a limited problem-focused exam can be done which only evaluates a limited area, and a complete exam would still be needed in the future in order to have a full pictures of any treatment needs.

We accept all PPO insurances out of network. Different insurances cover different amounts, and different plans within a single insurance can also cover different amounts. Some plans cover most or all of our pricing, while others cover less. The only way for us to know exactly how much any particular insurance will cover is to preauthorize a treatment plan with the insurance.


  • D0120  Periodic Oral Evaluation (6 month check-up) – $120
  • D0140  Limited Oral Evaluation – problem focused – $120
  • D0145  Exam for child under 3 – $100
  • D0150  Comprehensive Oral Evaluation (New Patient Exam) – $150


  • D0210  Full Mouth X-Rays* (Bitewings and Periapicals): $160
  • D0270  1 Bitewing x-ray: $50
  • D0272  2 Bitewing x-rays: $60
  • D0273  3 Bitewing x-rays: $70
  • D0274  4 Bitewing x-rays: $80
  • D0220  1 Periapical x-ray: $50
  • D0230  Each Additional Periapical X-ray: $40
  • D0330  Panoramic X-ray: $120 (or if taken along with full mouth x-rays – $60)
  • Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT): $250-350
  • D0391  CBCT report: $150
  • Review of CBCT taken elsewhere: $70


  • Cleaning**, Child: $110
  • Cleaning**, Adult 14+: $180
  • Cleaning** with severe inflammation: $250
  • Full Mouth Debridement: $250
  • Scaling and Root Planing 1-3 teeth per quadrant (deep cleaning with anesthetic): $200
  • Scaling and Root Planing 4+ teeth per quadrant (deep cleaning with anesthetic): $310


  • D1351  Sealant: $80
  • Fillings*** – 1 Surface: $250
  • Fillings*** – 2 surfaces: $300
  • Fillings*** – 3 surfaces: $350
  • Fillings*** – 4+ surfaces: $400
  • Surcharge for amalgam removal – per tooth: $150 
  • Indirect pulp cap for very deep cavities: $120
  • Composite bonding – per tooth: $700
  • D1355  Hydroxyapatite remineralization per tooth: $50
  • D1354  Silver Nitrate application per tooth: $50


  • D7140  Simple extraction: $300 including irrigation with ozonated water
  • D7210  Surgical Extraction: $500 including irrigation with ozonated water
  • D7111  Removal of soft tissue-retained baby tooth remnants: $150
  • D7953 Bone replacement graft for ridge preservation: $700
  • D4266/D4267 Membrane/barrier to prevent soft tissue invasion into graft: $600
  • Guided Bone Regeneration / GBR graft (if missing a bony wall) after extraction with membrane: $1,600
  • D7952 Sinus Bump graft during implant placement: $1000


  • Zirconia Crown: $1,400
  • Zirconia Bridge: $3,800
  • Prefabricated Zirconia Crown for Baby Tooth: $550
  • Porcelain veneer: $1,400
  • Re-cement or re-bond crown: $200
  • Re-cement or re-bond bridge: $300
  • Space maintainer: $400


  • Complete denture: $2,500 per arch
  • Partial denture: $2,500 per arch
  • Temporary complete or partial denture / flipper: $1,200
  • Denture adjustment: $170
  • Denture lab reline with adjustments for 6 weeks: $700
  • Repair broken denture or partial denture base: $700
  • Overdenture over existing implants: $3,500
  • Retrofit existing denture to be an overdenture: $1,500


  • Metal-free Swiss Dental Implants Zirconia Implant: $3,000
  • Swiss Dental Implants Zirconia abutment: $600
  • Zirconia Implant Crown: $1,400
  • Custom screw-retained, implant-supported crown on an implant placed elsewhere: $2,000
  • Cement-retained Zirconia Crown for an existing implant placed elsewhere: $1,600
  • Custom Abutment on an existing implant placed elsewhere: $800
  • Implant-supported Zirconia Full Arch Bridge over existing implants: $12,000
  • Full arch (upper or lower) “three bridges on 6 zirconia implants” (three-on-six) or four-on-eight: $40,000
  • Full mouth (upper and lower arches) zirconia implant bridges (6-8 zirconia implants on top, 6-8 zirconia implants on bottom, 3-4 implant bridges on top, 3-4 implant bridges on bottom): $80,000


  • Anterior Tooth – $1,200
  • Premolar – $1,400
  • Molar – $1,600
  • Retreatment – add $100 per canal
  • Core Buildup – $300
  • Fiber Post buildup – $400


  • Sedation: payable to anesthesiologist, $900 first 90 minutes then $125/15 minutes
  • Nitrous Oxide: $100
  • Bleaching Trays: $280/arch
  • Occlusal guard: $600
  • Myobrace: $400/appliance and $200/follow-up training appointment
  • Crozats Palatal Expander for a child: $1,200-$2,400
  • Clear Aligners: we refer to Dr. Andrey Gaiduchik. For a free ortho consultation: (916)331-0841
  • Periodontal Treatment / LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure): we refer to Sacramento Periodontics. (916)923-3931

* we do our best to limit the amount of radiation exposure from dental x-rays, so unless it is absolutely necessary, we do not routinely do full mouth series of x-rays. We do need to see x-rays in order to evaluate the bone level and determine the risk of cavities between teeth. We can postpone x-rays, especially if a patient is pregnant and has no pain or visible cavities, or when a child is very young, as long as the patient is aware of the fact that we cannot diagnose what we cannot see, which can include cavities between teeth, cavities under fillings, areas of bone loss, calculus, or pathology. If a patient is low risk for cavities and has healthy gum tissues, we are able to take bitewing x-rays once every 2 years. Patients who are high risk for cavities are recommended to take x-rays every 6-12 months until their risk level stabilizes.

** for quality of care and liability purposes, a new patient exam is necessary before a cleaning. Most of the time an exam and cleaning is on the same day, unless more extensive treatment is necessary (like a large filling if time allows, or periodontal treatment like scaling & root planing which may need to be preauthorized with insurance).

*** for deep cavities, we currently do not charge for cleaning the tooth with ozonated water, and yes, numbness is of course included in all of our procedures, because patient comfort is of utmost importance. We do not sedate.