When a tooth is missing, the replacement options can range from an implant, a bridge, or a partial denture

A bridge is often considered when the teeth that are adjacent to the missing tooth both need crowns. It is often a cost saving treatment, so that the missing tooth is replaced at the same time as the adjacent teeth are crowned.

The need to thread floss under the bridge is a disadvantage, because it makes flossing more difficult. However, the biggest disadvantage is that if anything happens to one of the teeth holding the bridge, the entire bridge needs to be removed and replaced. With an increased difficulty with flossing, the risk of a bridge failure is higher than the risk of a single tooth crown failure. Another important drawback to bridges is the need to crown both of the teeth that are on either side of the missing tooth, whether or not those teeth would have needed crowns. When possible, it is best to replace a missing tooth with an implant rather than with a bridge.


The treatment plan will depend from patient to patient. Generally, if the adjacent teeth of the one that’s missing are intact, if we have good conditions for implantation then we would recommend going for the implant. If the adjacent teeth have big, failed fillings, cracks or maybe there’s already crown on them, and we don’t have enough bone for placing an implant, then the bridge will be the recommended treatment.

Yes, there are: Traditional Fixed Bridges, Cantilever Bridges, Maryland Bridges, and Implant-Supported Bridges
An Implant-Supported Bridge is the best option for when you have three adjacent missing teeth and good bone support.
The Dental Implant Bridge Process takes time to complete and requires multiple appointments. After the bridge is placed, some patient feel some discomfort at first because of the pressure on the adjacent teeth, but rest assured that it goes away shortly. 
On average, it can take between a few days and a week.
It improves both dental aesthetics and health. It allows for preserving your natural teeth and resolving your concerns about missing teeth.

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