What is Zirconia Dental Implants?

Zirconia is also known as zirconium dioxide is a material chemically derived from zircon. They were released in 1987, but have recently gained attention with the increasing demand for Biomimetic and Holistic Dentistry. Zirconia is a ceramic that consists of Zirconium and Oxygen elements.  It is naturally translucent and tooth-colored, so the entire dental implant has the appearance of a natural tooth.

Some people confuse Zirconia with Zirconium. While Zirconium is a metal, Zirconia is a ceramic. Zirconia is nonconductive to heat and electrical energy. 

Zirconia is an innovative and ideal material for dental implants, the next best non-metal ceramic alternative to titanium implants. Zirconia Dental Implants is bioinert, which means it will never trigger chemical reactions, migrate to other sites in the body or corrode.

Benefits of Zirconia Dental Implants

Since the substance of Zirconia Dental Implants is highly biocompatible, this tooth replacement method is proven to integrate well with the natural jawbone and recommended for people prone to allergic reactions. The new generation of zirconia implants is one of the safest, most reliable, and durable dental restoration methods. 

Fully customized to your smile, the dental implants and the crowns (or full arch) are fabricated from a solid block of zirconia. Most of the benefits of zirconia implants come from the material’s properties. All of these characteristics make Zirconia highly desirable for many patients.

Sacramento Holistic Dentist is proud to provide Zirconia dental implants in Sacramento, California. Zirconia implants are raising in popularity for a variety of reasons, including:

Aesthetic and Esthetic Advantage

Thanks to their tooth-like color, the unique single-piece design of zirconia dental implants means they sit more snuggly within the gumline, with no micro-movements at the bone level. The margin gets shaped to accept a crown just like a natural tooth is, which can be very advantageous in the esthetic zone and allows for easier maintenance and cleaning of the teeth and gum tissues.


Zirconia are excellent at resisting corrosion and are very durable and strong, so they can have long-term success. They are known for their great force resistance, superior strength and inflexibility when under pressure. The properties of the zirconia dental implants material do not change, and do not interact with oral care products.


Zirconia dental implants are designed to be hypoallergenic, so allergies and sensitivity are not an issue. There is also no irritation to soft issues therefore resulting in faster healing. This is one of the reasons patients seek treatment with metal-free Zirconia implants.

Lower Plaque Accumulation

Zirconium is a poor electrical and thermal conductor, which studies have suggested that there is less plaque formation, attraction of bacteria and infections is significantly lower than in metal implants. There is no concern of galvanic or battery effects with zirconia implants.

Shorter Surgery

Zirconia dental implants are designed to be placed right after tooth extraction when possible. This reduces the time it takes to place the dental implant and so maximizes patient comfort. This also means that there is a shorter recovery time for patients.

When is Zirconia Ceramic Dental Implantation contraindicated?

Zirconia Ceramic Dental implantation is not recommended for patients under 16-17 years of age. People who suffer from chronic diseases and heavy smokers (patients who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day) should not get implants, because their condition makes the attachment and healing of the implant much harder, making the procedure less predictable and less effective.

Where To Get A Holistic Tooth Replacement with Zirconia in Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Holistic Dentist provides thorough consultations, medical history evaluations, and dental exams to determine which implant procedure will provide you the best optimal results. 

Reclaim your smile and learn more about the benefits of Zirconia metal-free implants. Text us today at (916) 507-2122 or browse our website for more holistic dental methods.


This is when a dental practitioner prescribes a zirconia-based ceramic restoration for their patient. 
A dental milling machine is used in creating dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures, to name a few.
We do not recommend zirconia milling for patients under the age of 16-17.
Any patient aged 16 and above. It’s important to note though that patients who suffer from chronic diseases and heavy smokers are not advised to undergo a zirconia implant procedure.

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