Toothaches can make it difficult for us to get on with life. Whether it’s sudden and throbbing or dull but constantly aching, it’s a pain to experience, to say the least. It’s hard to bite, chew, concentrate on anything, or even sleep at night.

You don’t even know when it’s going to trouble you since it can be caused by anything from food stuck in your teeth to your favorite daily drink. Pain is our body’s response to ask for help. Thankfully, some types of toothache are temporary. Simply observing proper dental hygiene can help to avoid this kind of pain.

However, toothache caused by bacterial infection and damage to your teeth or gums will persist. If this happens to you, it’s best to seek the attention of a dental professional.

So, if you need to visit a dental office in Sacramento, but doing that intimidates you, then you might want to give holistic medicine a shot. The holistic approach is gentler and more conservative than the usual dentistry.

Let’s take a look at how holistic dentistry can help you with dental pain.


But first, what exactly is a toothache?

A toothache is a pain in or around a tooth. As mentioned before, minor toothaches can be caused by temporary gum irritation. It’s something you can treat at home.

On the other hand, more serious toothaches are caused by dental and mouth problems such as dental decay, a cracked tooth, or an infection. These toothaches can be immensely painful because inside each tooth is a soft pulp filled with nerves, tissues, and blood vessels. 

And guess what? The nerves inside are some of the most sensitive nerves you have in your body!

Once they’re infected by bacteria, you’ll feel severe pain that won’t get better until they’re treated by a dentist.


What are the specific causes of toothaches?

Typically, toothaches can be caused by:


1. Tooth decay or cavities

Cavities are the holes in teeth that develop from tooth decay. They’re formed when the enamel, the teeth’s protective layer, gets eroded by the acid in the mouth. 

Here’s a not-so-fun fact: Your teeth are under the risk of tooth decay attack every time you eat! 

And that’s why proper oral hygiene is important all the time.


2. Tooth fracture or a damaged filling

Increased tooth sensitivity especially to hot and cold temperatures are telltale signs of damaged fillings. A broken or cracked tooth will expose its sensitive inner layer to bacterial attacks. Even a tiny crack can lead to severe pain.


3. An abscessed tooth

An abscessed tooth contains a pocket of pus caused by bacterial infection. The infection can develop in the gums, at the tip of the root through cavities, or start in the bone and tissues that support the tooth.


4. Grinding or clenching of teeth

Also called as “bruxism,” grinding or clenching teeth is a common problem brought on by a bite issue, sleep disorders, or stress. If you are prone to grinding your teeth as you sleep, it can wear down the enamel and sometimes cause a crack. Not only will you possibly damage the teeth, your tooth grinding can also cause jaw pain.


5. Eruption

No, we don’t mean volcanic eruptions, although we’re sure it’s painful to be near when one occurs.

What eruptions are in the dental world is when teeth come out of place from the gums or when a tooth is extracted. For the wisdom tooth, the feeling when it starts to push through your gums. As it pushes its way through the gums, the tooth can be at risk of decay and infection.


Why choose Sacramento Holistic Dentist to treat your toothache?

Remember when we said that choosing a holistic dentist would be a gentler way for you to treat your dental pain? Well, we’re a holistic dentistry office. Choose us if you’re in the Sacramento area!

Here are a few reasons why:


We do emergency extractions…but better.

Severe toothache might require extraction as a last resort. That is why we offer same day emergency appointments, because we know you might need it any time.

In terms of our process, since we’re holistic dentists, we have the capability of using a buffering system that helps in reducing the acidity to numb the tooth quicker and more comfortably.


We offer a true, holistic approach to treating your problems.

Your whole body should benefit from the holistic approach. It is for this reason that we focus on the root cause of the problem. Preventing your problems from coming back and or from getting worse is our main goal.

In order to achieve your body’s optimal healing ability, we offer solutions that boost your immune system. We won’t just take care of your dental pain, but strive to look for the cause to make sure it never happens again.


We offer safer and biocompatible alternatives.

Toothaches can be caused by many factors. But rest assured that if in cause you’ll be needing restorative materials or amalgam restorations removed, it’ll all be biocompatible. Sacramento Holistic Dentist avoids the use of plastic-based restorative materials and instead uses ceramic-based alternatives to reduce the impact of estrogen mimickers on the body. 


We have the expertise to treat patients from any age group.

Dr. Yana Pekarski and Dr. Maria Cook of Sacramento Holistic Dentists have the education, skills, and experience to perform holistic dentistry at the highest level. Dr. Pekarski has worked with both children and adults for 15 years and is also experienced with treating patients from the geriatric population. Dr. Maria Cook has education in nursing and has a specialized approach in using PRF and IV vitamins. 


We offer affordable treatment.

We strive to be a premium yet affordable holistic dentist in Sacramento who understands the varying sets of requirements from one patient to another. We will provide you with treatment and care that’s tailored to your needs at a reasonable price.



When looking for a holistic dentist for your dental pain, make sure that their skills and your needs are a fit. Your dentist should be able to accurately diagnose you and treat you at the root cause level. In order to do so, the dentist should have the knowledge, skills, and experience.

If you are searching for “holistic dentist near me” in the Sacramento area, then you have found us – Dr. Pekarski’s and Dr. Cook’s knowledge, skills, and experience is what you need. Here at Sacramento Holistic Dentists, whatever is causing your pain, you’ll get an accurate diagnosis and customized treatment all in a holistic way.

You won’t only be getting our expertise, but you’re also going to be treated with the latest, safest, cutting-edge technology and biocompatible techniques. 

Choose holistic. Choose your total well-being.

If you have any questions or if you want to book an appointment, you can reach us at 916-507-2122 or by fill out our online contact form.

Say goodbye to toothaches and start a brand new journey toward achieving optimal dental and overall health. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Yana Pekarski or Dr. Maria Cook today!