1. Teeth whitening can improve your confidence and self-esteem by giving you a brighter, whiter smile.

2. Teeth whitening is a safe and non-invasive procedure that can be done quickly with minimal discomfort.

3. It’s an affordable option for brightening your smile without breaking the bank compared to other cosmetic dentistry procedures like veneers or dental implants.

4. Professional teeth whitening is more effective than over-the-counter products because it can reach deeper stains and deliver results in less time while also being safer and providing better coverage than OTC options.

5. Teeth whitening provides excellent, long-lasting results if you maintain proper dental hygiene after the procedure has been completed with regular checkups at your natural dentist near you such as one in Sacramento, CA!


Is Teeth Whitening bad for your teeth?

Teeth whitening is generally a safe and effective way to brighten your smile, but it is important to follow the instructions provided by your natural dentist near you. While over-the-counter products may be cheaper, professional teeth whitening supervised by a dentist can provide more reliable results with less risk of damaging the enamel or causing other side effects. In addition to following the instructions carefully, it is also important to be aware of any allergies or sensitivities that you have as some products may contain ingredients that could cause irritation or harm.

In some cases, tooth sensitivity can occur after teeth whitening due to the increased permeability of dentin (inner layer of teeth) caused by hydrogen peroxide bleaching agents. Additionally, depending on how often and intensely you use teeth whitening treatments, it can weaken the enamel and expose underlying dentin layers resulting in discoloration and spots on your teeth. It’s important to speak with your natural dentist near you in Sacramento about any risks associated with teeth whitening before starting any procedure!